Sunday, September 1, 2013

Two Tier Skirt tutorial

A friend ordered a dress from me and then decided she wanted a shirt and skirt instead.  
I found this tutorial and adjusted it to fit a 2 year old.   After the first two, 
I saw some things that I needed to adjust so here is MY tutorial.  
This is the skirt I made today.

And what it looks like with the shirt I also made.

For a 2T/3T skirt, you'll need:

Top layer band - 13" x 6"
Top layer ruffle - 20" x 6" (I just use the length of the fabric cut in half)
Bottom layer band - 13" x 4"
Bottom layer ruffle - 20" x 5"
Elastic - 18"

The first step after cutting the fabric is to sew the top bands together on one short edge to make one long piece.  Do that with the ruffle fabric too and finish the edges you sewed.  

Ruffle the ruffle by stitching with a very loose stitch and cinching the fabric.  
Pin the ruffle to the band with the seams out.  It helps to line up the middle seam first.

Sew the band and ruffle together a little inside the first stitch.
Then sew the other sides together to make a continuous loop and finish that seam.
It should look like a skirt at this point.  
Finish the bottom edge of the skirt layer.  Repeat all of these steps for the bottom tier.

Combining the layers is a little hard to explain, but I'll do my best.  
On the top layer, flip the band to the inside of the ruffle so that the seam is on the top.  
With the bottom layer INSIDE OUT, match the top edge with the seam of the top layer.

Once the bottom layer is in place, pin the side seams together and then pin the rest of the way around.  Sew the layers together.  Finish that edge and then flip the skirt right side out.

In order for the skirt to fit correctly, the front needs to be slightly lower than the back.  Fold the skirt in half so the middle seams line up.  Then mark 1" on the front of your skirt and draw a line from there to the top edge of the skirt.  Cut that off.

Now you'll sew a channel for the elastic to go through.  Make sure to leave an inch or two to put the elastic in!  Thread the elastic through your channel and make sure it isn't twisted on the inside.
Pin it together and then sew the elastic together.

Cut off the excess ends of the elastic and pull the waist of the skirt to get the elastic inside.  
Sew up the gap you left.  Your skirt is done! 

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