Saturday, October 27, 2012

Rainbow Brite family costumes

It's TWINK!  My daughter's costume is complete, and boy was it a hit!

You can find the tutorial for the body of the costume and the headband here.  
The belt tutorial is here.  The rainbow leggings were a bit of an experiment.  
I tried coloring them with markers, but it all washed out and looked pretty shotty.  
A friend recommended fabric paint.  I owned some textile medium that changes 
acrylic paint in to fabric paint so I gave that a try.  It works really well, but fabric paint isn't 
made for fabric that is going to be stretched.  It would be easier to buy some 
rainbow leggings, but you can do it however you want, haha.  

  Here is my husband's costume.  He is Murky Dismal, the villain from Rainbow Brite.  I didn't do a step by step tutorial for his costume but it was pretty simple.  

I found a long sleeved plain gray t-shirt at Goodwill.  You could even get one with something printed on it and wear it backwards because the cape/vest will cover the back.  I printed off a lighting bolt shape that I liked and cut it out with fabric and iron on fusible webbing.  I just ironed that straight on to the shirt.  I decided to sew some white fabric around the bottom of the shirt, but you could glue white felt and achieve the same effect.  For the cape/vest, I did more work than necessary.  Just make a cape.  It's a lot easier.  On the back of Murky's cape, there is a cloud with a lightning bolt.  You can see it by watching a snippet of a Rainbow Brite episode.  I drew a cloud shape on felt and used more fusible webbing to attach it and a lighting bolt to the back.  For the hat, I found a really cheap and ugly ballcap.  If you're going to throw one away, that would be the perfect candidate!  For the "needle" on the top of the hat, I used toothpicks and tape to make the shape I wanted.  I hot glued it right on the button you find at the top of a hat.  Cut the bill off, and then attach felt.  I used hot glue and it worked fine.  The felt will be kind of bunchy in some places but you can cut it and overlap it at those points.  For the final touches, attach the darker gray pieces, two lighting bolts on the sides, and a white puff ball on the top.  A cotton ball would work fine, but I used a white pom pom ball.  Paired with some black pants, this costume was complete!

So there you have it.  A Rainbow Brite family.  Here's some more pictures, just because :)


I'd love to see how your costumes turn out, so leave a link to your 
blog or pictures in the comments. 


  1. Love your costumes! I was Rainbow Brite back in 2004! It is adorable as a 'group' costume! You should totally submit it to my costume blog :)

    1. Thanks so much! I actually made this costume in 2009. It took me a long time and I can't even figure out how I did some things, lol. I took a look at your costume and it looked great! I'll submit a picture soon.

  2. Just stumbled across this blog and loved your costumes!! Your RBB is seriously awesome. You wouldn't still have these and be willing to sell them would you?! It would save me (and by me and I mean my aunt a ton of time making them :) Really cute!

    1. Thanks! I actually did sell them on ebay last fall. I was shocked at how much they sold for :) I'm thinking of selling Twink costumes on etsy though so I could help you out there.

    2. Let me know if you do I'd be interested (jessica.moman at gmail dot com) I'd definitely be interested.