Friday, December 14, 2012

Suck pads for a Kinderpack

I have seen suck pads before and have considered making them.  I guess I thought it was going to be too difficult, but this took me less than 45 minutes!   
You can make these using any fabric and they will work on any 
soft structured carriers, like Ergo, Boba, Kinderpack, Bamberoo, etc. 

Supplies needed: 
Patterned fabric (at least 21" by 13")
Fleece, chenille, or another fluffy fabric (also 21" by 13")
Optional: layer of flannel for the inside
16" of velcro (8" of each side) 

To begin, use something to measure around your carrier's strap.  Mine was 8 1/2".  Add 1 1/2" to that for your pattern's width and make a template using a piece of paper.  My pattern is 10" wide by 6" tall.  Fold your fabric in half to pin in place and cut out both at once.  Use the template to also cut out the fleece or other fluffy layer.  

Now that your pieces are cut out, lay the patterned piece, wrong side down, on the fleece and pin in place. If you're going to add flannel, it should be added to the outside to make sure it will be on the inside when flipped.

Sew around the edges but leave a small space on one end to flip it right side out.  After you sew it, flip it the right way and use something to push the corners out.  It would be a good idea to make the seam on the end with the hole a little longer so the top stitch will catch it when folded.

Pin the hole to make sure it will stay closed, and then pin the rest of the way around to make sure the fabric doesn't shirt while top stitching.  Top stitch the suck pad and cut out velco that is 4" long for each end.

If the end with the hole doesn't look very pretty (like mine above), you should make that end the one that will be on the inside when the velcro is closed.  I should have done mine the other way around.  Pin the velcro in place and test to make sure it will close the way you want it to.  Sew the velcro in place and admire your work!

Two suck pads to keep your straps dry, keep your baby content, and add some pizazz to your carrier!  I saw another tutorial to add a loop to the straps so you can attach toys or a pacifier clip.  That's a fantastic idea and this is how she did it.  


  1. What is the seam allowance? Thanks for the tutorial.

    1. I usually just line up the edge of my fabric with the side of the sewing foot. I guess that's about 1/4". Hope your pads turn out well!