Friday, December 14, 2012

New body for a baby doll

I bought a baby doll for my daughter and it had been, um, well loved.  I knew it needed a new body so I took off the vinyl limbs and cut the cloth body apart.  I used those pieces to make a pattern and then pinned those to suede cloth.  Suede cloth is amazingly soft, doesn't stain easily, and doesn't fray so it's great for doll bodies.  

Here are the pattern pieces I made.  I used card stock to trace and then added seam allowances.  

The first seam I sewed was the middle of the belly.  Then I pinned and sewed the front of the legs in place.  

Pin and sew the doll's bottom on to the back and then pin the front and back together.  Sew the sides together but leave about 1 1/2" at the top for the arms.  

Sew the arms to create a tube and then fold down one end to create a tunnel the zip tie or string can run through.  Sew that in place. 

After that, turn the tube right side out and fold it like below.

Place the arm into the space you left and pin in place.  Sew up the side and the shoulders.  Repeat with the opposite arm.  

Now sew the crotch together and turn up the ends of the legs (like you did with the arms) to create a tunnel for the zip ties.  Your body is almost complete.  Turn it right side out.

Take the neck piece and fold one end over.  Fold it in half and pin it on the outside of the body so all of the raw edges are together.

Sew on the neck piece.  When you get to the end, fold it over so the two ends meet but raw edges won't show.

The last step is to sew over the leg seams.  This step isn't necessary but it will allow the legs to move freely.  If you don't sew them, the doll's legs will always be in the sitting position.  It's up to you.  

You're done!  The doll body is ready to be stuffed and limbs can be added. 

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