Sunday, August 24, 2014

Birthday shirts 2014

I was very busy with birthday shirts this year!  Some of them were very challenging and some were a lot of fun to piece together.  I truly enjoy making all of these designs (I draw them or copy them from pictures online) and figuring out how to layer them so they turn out correctly.  Without further ado, here are the shirts I made for my friends' children this year.

Curious George

Doc McStuffins - I LOVE this one!
The girl's name is Faylen so I edited the name.

Firetruck shirt with a "3" building on fire. 

 Firetruck shirt with an actual building and a 3 on the truck

Hello kitty shirt.  This little girl loves rainbows so we made this match the colors on her rainbow plates for the party. She wore a hot pink tutu with this.

 Iron man

 Minnie Mouse with matching skirt.  Turned out pretty cute!

Lambie from Doc McStuffins - I was very impressed with how good this one looked!

Mater applique up close - hauling a 3 (Mom's idea, and it turned out perfect!)

 Mater shirt

Paw Patrol shirt - the applique would have been too detailed for my machine so I did an iron on of the pup.

Peppa Pig was a hit this year.  I actually made 3 shirts like this!

Puppy shirt - I LOVE the bone and the bow and... well, this is the one I made for my daughter so I love it all ;)

Sully shirt - This is one of my favorites because it was unique and challenging.  Turned out so cute though!

Superman with 3.  This shirt was a NIGHTMARE.  I made two others and this was my third attempt.  Finally got it right.  I sent all 3 to the mom and her son rotates them because he loves it so much. 

Thomas shirt - worn with red tutu.

Tinkerbell shirt in shiny green fabric.  I'm not one for shiny things normally, but I was very tempted to make one of these for my daughter.  The shiny Tink was just perfect.

And finally, a John Deere tractor shirt.  
They are farmers and what boy doesn't love tractors, right? 

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