Thursday, July 31, 2014

Puppy Birthday Party

It's been so long since I've posted on the blog.  Life has been quite crazy!  Our little girl turned 3 in March and we decided to do a puppy themed party.  The girl LOVES dogs.

First, this was her outfit.  I saw a similar shirt on etsy with a different dog and thought it was adorable.  My daughter loves white terriers though so that is what we went with.


This was the food table.  I bought dog bowls at dollar tree for the food.  The bowls had cocoa puffs (looks just like dog food!), scooby snack graham crackers, scooby cereal, goldfish, veggie straws, and pretzels.  I made the fire hydrant using a tutorial on Pinterest.  My mother-in-law helped with the dog cookies.  They turned out so cute!  

I had a grand idea to make a dog bone cake.  It was impossible to ice after cutting to shape, so we decided to put cocoa puffs on the outside of the cake.  In hindsight, some sort of chocolate would have been better.  Or maybe I should just learn how to properly ice a cake!  The cake was Neapolitan: strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla!

My friend took a cupcake decorating class so I begged her to make the puppy cupcakes.  She did an amazing job!

I made a doghouse for a photoprop.  It was made with 4 pieces of foam board (dollar tree) and a cardboard box for the roof.  You can use foam board for the roof too but it doesn't hang over as much.  I used a marker to make the "boards" and cut posterboard for the "shingles".  

I also made a pinata.  I had NOOOO idea how to do this so I just winged it.  I used foam board for the bone shape and cut two identical pieces.  I essentially made a frame with them so it was hollow on the inside.  I cut squares out with the rest of board scraps and stacked those up to make the two sides of the pinata be about 6" apart.  Then I glued posterboard to the outside and used tissue paper to decorate it.  It was a lot of work but turned out really well!

When the kids arrived, I had felt dog ear headbands ready for them.  I cut spots out of felt and had craft glue for them to decorate their ears.  I also had a face paint crayon and made dog noses on the kids that wanted them.


As party favors, I made a dog adoption station.  I bought craft boxes and cut dog doors out of them.  When folded, they made little dog carriers/houses.  Then the kids got to choose their own dog (ty beanie babies) and filled out adoption forms.  They were so excited!

And finally, here's the birthday girl!



  1. Oh! Yum! The food looks delicious and all the kids look adorable. A very well planned and a fantastic theme. I am sure my niece will also love this theme a lot. Her birthday is next month and we are also looking for an outdoor venue NYC for the party.

    1. Our little girl is 7 now and this is still my favorite party I planned for her! I bet your party will be a hit :)