Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bugaboo Frog raincover tutorial

I have a Bugaboo Frog (thank you, Craigslist!) and wanted to get a raincover for it.  I wasn't prepared to cough up $40 for one though.  Scouring ebay gave me hope but they were still $25-$30.  I came across this amazing tutorial and decided to give it a try with my Bugaboo.  I changed some things but got all the information and ideas from her. 

This is the Bugaboo Frog raincover. 
Here is mine. 

I started with a medium weight vinyl.  I happened to already have a ton lying around from a previous project so I didn't have to buy anything!  I draped it over the stroller canopy and the stroller and pinned it in place.  I marked half of the vinyl about an inch or two lower than the edges.  I used a sharpie because other markers wore off. 

I chose not to add fabric to the bottom and just used elastic.  Here's what I changed from her tutorial.  Once you cut the fabric, place it on the stroller again and see how it's going to fit.  Trim off more where needed and then go ahead and sew all of your bias tape.  After the bias tape is on, sew some buttons on the canopy.  I chose brown so they would blend in.

Lay your cover over the stroller and mark where the button holes need to be.  I did that with chalk.  Sew the button holes and attach the canopy to your stroller.  Instead of ties, I decided to use hair rubber bands.  Mark where you want your ties or rubber bands to be placed and then sew them on.  I used lots of tight zig zag stitches to make sure they were secure.  Bugaboos have a built in loop holder thing (very technical) on the underside of the canopy supports.  The rubber band slips right over them.

Once all of that is in place, mark about 3 inches up from the bottom on the bias tape on each side.  When I sew over elastic, it always looses it's stretch so I find it best to thread it in later.  Take out a few stitches where your marks are and thread elastic through.  I just estimated the amount to use, but it goes from one side all the way to the other so the cover will stay tucked under the feet.  Stitch the elastic in place and sew up your two small gaps.  Your raincover is done!

The best part is how small it folds up. It's about the size of a sandwich! 

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